Who we are

Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez, the Argentine sisters, wanted to give us a corner of their homeland. Personally designing the costumes, carefully choosing the fabrics and identifying the colors that best represented them and their country.

Thus was born the line of swimsuits, out of water and accessories by Me-Fui which has been popular on the Italian market for years, finding the consensus of sensual and attractive women.

The Argentine spirit has won everyone's hearts.

Much more than a brand. Me-Fui is a philosophy of life. Run away. Carve out time to relax, without worries. An invitation to face critical and stressful situations lightly.

For a holiday, for a relaxing weekend, for a stay at the spa. Me-Fui will be able to accompany you, always offering you the right outfit, for your moments of light carefreeness.

A variety of models, from high-cut bikinis to dungarees-style monikini. The modeling, built with an adjustable system ready to adapt to the needs of every woman, will enhance everyone's shape.